Saturday, October 24, 2009

My New Book on the Church

I'm working on a big book with the working title:

Members of One Another:
Building a biblical ethos into your church

that could rock the church in America if people read it. I'm sure I'll get flack aplenty from this one.

I just got word that my recent book, Satan and his Kingdom has gone back for a third printing after being released in June, so that probably means I'll get an offer on this book, even if it is too extreme for some.

I've just finished putting up part two of a lecture from Acts 2 that contains some of the basic ideas I'm arguing in the book. Now you can hear Part 1 and Part 2


Marcin from Poland said...

O, that's great news, brother! I have read "Satan and His Kingdom" and Lord showed me many new things. So I will wait for your new one, patiently;-) Let the Lord lead you in writing. When do you plan to finish book? ;-) And one more question: did you read "Total church"? And, if yes, what is your opinion?
Greetings from Poland!

Dennis said...

Yes, I read Total Church and thought it was pretty good. I liked that they were putting the service part back in where it belongs.

I'm finished with my first draft on this, and the publisher I had before is supposed to decide whether they want it in early Nov. Won't be out for months.

Marcin from Poland said...

Ok, thank you for your answers.

Jon said...

I came across this article by John MacArthur - a fascinating perspective on the effect of the Western Church on Russian churches after the fall of the iron curtain. It reminded me of some of the material from the Acts series.