Sunday, April 26, 2009

Satan and His Kingdom

I'm starting to get pumped about the upcoming release of my new book, Satan and His Kingdom. I got the back cover this week.

Since you can't read it, here are some closeups of the blurbs--pretty good! These are respected reviewers. The others will be on the first page.

Have you ever wondered why the disciples had so much trouble figuring Jesus out? After all, they had all the Old Testament prophecies. Jesus was right there with them. Dennis McCallum's thesis?that all the data is in the Bible but it wasn't until after the resurrection that Jesus connected the dots?is most intriguing. It also explains why the devil so miscalculated the outcome of his plot to kill Jesus. Read with your Bible open and you'll learn how to gain victory in our contemporary war with darkness.?
Gerry Breshears, PhD, Professor of Theology, Western Seminary

Also my old buddy, Dave Early, who has taken on the leadership of the church planting school at Liberty.

"Stop reading these endorsements! Start reading this book! Dennis is a ministry veteran, a gifted leadership practitioner, and a diligent student of God's Word. His understanding of the power of the Cross and spiritual warfare is accurate and effective. Read it."
Dr. Dave Earley, Chairman of Department of Pastoral Leadership & Church Planting, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

"Dennis McCallum has written a balanced and thoughtful work on an often overlooked but essential topic: the reality of Satan and his practices as he misrepresents God's goodness and misleads humanity into believing in its own goodness. McCallum writes in a biblical and realistic way, using thorough research to answer vital questions effectively. The chapters on Satan and Your Ministry are especially helpful, and ring true to reality. Here is a well-done book full of vital truth."
Dr. Bill Lawrence, President of Leader Formation International; Senior Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

"We have long needed a lucid, biblically sound presentation of spiritual warfare and the satanic kingdom. This is it, and it is both readable and deep. Everyone should read it."
Grant R. Osborne, PhD, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Dennis McCallum writes about Satan and demons in a biblical, sensible way. I've read books about the spiritual realm that were sensational, opinionated, and extra-biblical. This book is different. McCallum stays close to the biblical text while writing an easy to read book. You will not only go away with a comprehensive knowledge of Satan and his kingdom, but you'll discover practical steps to overcome them."
Joel Comiskey, PhD, President of Joel Comiskey Group

I appreciate and thank all who took the time to read the manuscript, and for your kind assessments.